British Museum Exhibition “Troy: Myth and Reality” Opening November 2019

An exciting upcoming exhibition at the British Museum entitled ‘Troy: Myth and Reality’ is due to open on 21st November 2019.

The exhibition considers the story of Troy, the legendary city which was the setting for the famous Trojan War and the love story  of of Paris and Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. The 10 year siege and war that resulted from their tragic romance survives in literary format from the ancient Greek epic Iliad written by Homer, but has also been the subject of many subsequent modern novels, plays, performances, and artistic renditions.

The exhibition considers Troy in narrative form but also in ancient sculpture, vases and archaeological evidence for the site. Contrasting these with contemporary works on the story, this exhibition suggests it will also contrast the ‘myth’ with the ‘reality’ of Troy.

Tickets are available to book already via the British Museum website, and further information on the story of Troy can also be found in the British Museum blog.