Brum Youth Trends Report 2019: Who Runs Brum?

Beatfreeks Collective have now published the 2019 edition of their Brum Youth Trends report, which asks whether by dividing young people and power into two separate concepts we are unintentionally excluding young people from the very notion of power. The report also continues to attempt to tackle the massive question: Who Runs Brum?

The report is now online and ready to download. Amongst the many important questions raised within the completed report, addressed issues include:

  • How do we account for invisible and visible power?
  • How do we build accountability and pathways for these systems to change through tools like Brum Youth Trends?
  • How do we stop using language and ideas that creates only a narrow gap for a ‘few lucky young people’ to get through and possibly join a board or get on a big platform to speak to senior leaders?
  • How can we consider power differently; how can we redefine power in a complex, multifaceted city region like ours?  What does it mean to ‘run’ a city?

Beetfreeks also welcomes feedback on their latest report, which can be submitted online via the link above.