Call for Papers: Burlington Contemporary

Burlington Contemporary are currently seeking article submissions for the second issue of their free-access, peer reviewed academic journal. This issue is concerned with the writing of art history for the art being made today, and the important research and thinking relating to contemporary art that is being carried out around the world.

The journal are interested in original submissions which consider the work of living artists or work created in the last 30 years, and will judge submissions with regards to their international and lasting significance to the field of contemporary art.

The first issue, launched in May 2019, included contributions from academics and professionals such as Michael Bracewell, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Massa Lemu and Jenni Sorkin, on topics ranging from the post-Punk origins of the YBAs to performance art in South Africa and the DRC.

Further details about the article submission process can be found on the journal website. The deadline for submissions is 12th August 2019.