Posted 04.03.20

Tags:art / culture / museum practice / museums / nature / Norway / sculpture

Notes from Norway: The Natural World as Muse & Frame

by Bronwen Roberts

Bronwen reflects on her recent visits to Kistefos Museum and Sculpture Park and Henie Onstad Art Centre and the role of the natural world in Norway's art history.

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Posted 15.11.19

Tags:ancient Egypt / archaeology / display / Eton College / Eton Myers / interpretation / museum / provenance / stone tools

Understanding Stone Objects in Museums: The Eton Myers Collection

by Jen Turner

The beginning of a new project with the Eton Myers collection (on loan from Eton College) relating to the stone tools and objects, tackling issues of provenance, function and display.

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Posted 29.07.19

Tags:Arts and Science Festival / Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences / Public Art / sculpture / Sculpture Commission / University of Birmingham

The Power of Public Space

by Bronwen Roberts

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences student Bronwen Roberts uncovers new perspectives on public art, exploring the Arts and Sciences Festival Sculpture Commission and the power of interdisciplinarity.

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Posted 12.06.19

Tags:display cases / exhibition / exhibition design / install / Paolozzi / Research and Cultural Collections / University of Birmingham / volunteer

Reflections on Paolozzi exhibition install: Designing the Display Cases

by Research/Curate

Holly Fairbairn is a final year Ancient History student at the University of Birmingham and volunteer with Research and Cultural Collections who helped out with the Paolozzi exhibition installation.

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Posted 16.04.19

Tags:Cadbury Research Library / Constance Naden / sculpture / University of Birmingham / Victorian

Reading an object and its spaces: The bust of Constance Naden

by Clare Stainthorp

Reading an object and its spaces - the creation of the bust of Constance Naden (1858-1889), Victorian polymath, and its subsequent movement within the University of Birmingham.

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Posted 01.04.19

Tags:Birmingham / collections / Egypt / exhibition / University of Birmingham

Egyptian Blue: Giving Voice to the Objects of the Eton Myers Collection

by Will Conroy

A piece about the process of creating exhibits, as well as what I learned about displaying objects - and about ancient Egyptian ritual - over the course of my working with the Eton Myers Collection.

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