Google Arts & Culture – Online Science Exhibition ‘Once Upon a Try’

Once Upon a Try‘ is a new online exhibition launched by Google Arts & Culture, which features more than 200,000 objects related to scientific invention and discovery.

In collaboration with over 110 partners such as CERN and NASA, ‘Once Upon a Try’ spans over 23 countries and the collections of over 120 museums across the globe, Google Arts & Culture includes diverse content from world-changing inventions to the unknown creators, ‘heroes’ and ‘pioneers’ of the medical and scientific fields. This includes contemporary topics of current relevance in today’s climate, such as the (forgotten) place of women in the history of science – an excellent feature on a recent publication ‘Forgotten Women‘, for instance, is discussed through the site.

Many of the exhibition highlights relate to astronomy and satellite imagery, and includes a fascinating archive from NASA of over 120,000 images from their Visual Universe, which explores not only the captured images of our planet but the people responsible for NASA’s pioneering work as astronauts, crew, scientists, and more.

This exhibition is a fantastic (and free!) resource that brings together many different aspects of scientific discovery and our world, crucially bringing together many institutions and providing editorial features and video content from over 400 curators on important topics such as the environment, the future of technology, historical pioneers and considerations for the future.

Originally established in 2011, such a project is critical to highlighting our historical, scientific and cultural advances and achievements, while making a wide range of research topics and images accessible to interested parties. The larger Google Arts and Culture page also provides useful search options for those wishing to learn more about particular art movements, notable figures, or historical events.

This is an incredibly useful and interesting site, we recommend you have a look!