ICOM – Creating a New Museum Definition

An exciting discussion is currently taking place through ICOM on the nature of the museum, and the need for a new and more current definition to be formulated. From ICOM’s website, they state that:

The current definition, which has only seen minor adjustments over the past few decades, does not reflect and express adequately the complexities of the 21stcentury and the current responsibilities and commitments of museums, nor their challenges and visions for the future.

ICOM are currently accepting proposals from members, committees, partners and other interested stakeholders to develop alternatives for the museum definition in line with the upcoming 25th ICOM General Conference in early September 2019.

Proposals are being published via the ICOM website continuously, meaning that interested parties are able to engage with (and respond to) submissions ahead of the conference. The deadline for proposals is May 2019, meaning that there is plenty of time to still submit!

Further information from ICOM can be found on their website.