Research/Curate Podcast – Disability Arts

Our first ever podcast for Research/Curate is available to listen to here!

The topic of this podcast was Disability Arts, and we were delighted to be joined by Mike Layward (Director of DASH, Disability Arts in Shropshire), and artist Anna Berry (currently at Midlands Art Theatre in the first DASH Curatorial Commission post).

You can also download the DASH Podcast Transcript, which includes links to the relevant web pages for both speakers and some of the topics discussed.

Anna Berry

Anna Berry

Mike Layward, DASH


Since the podcast was first published on our site, it’s also been shared via the DASH YouTube channel and website:

And we’ve also been grateful to receive a review through Midlands Art Papers, which you can access here:

“Come into the space and the space changes” – Research/Curate’s new podcast about disability accessibility in the visual arts