The Pomology Project by General Public

The Pomology Project is a contemporary art project developed by General Public, a collaborative network of artists Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Poolman.

The project explores the heritage of ‘traditional’ British fruits, many of which are actually descended from central Asia, and considers and re-imagines the botanical history and traditions of British orchards. Using these customs as an analogy, the project aims to consider the modern issues of heritage, diversity, difference and citizenship through a variety of events and activities.

The project began by using drawings from children in workshops with General Public, which was then produced as an illustrated tree, additionally acting as a diagram for the various branches of the artistic programme.

In collaboration with groups and partners across Birmingham, the project has received support through production partner STEAMHouse, and a residency with the University of Birmingham. Activities and events associated with the project will be taking place throughout 2019 and 2020, culminating in exhibitions and a final performance in 2021.

Associated upcoming events include the Simmer Down Festival, a free family-oriented festival taking place on Sunday 21st July 2019 in Handsworth park that aims to celebrate Birmingham’s rich cultural diversity and will feature live music, dance, educational workshops, food stalls and a young people’s programme.

Further details of the Pomology Project summer/autumn programme and more can be found online, including on the General Public website.