Upcoming Conference and Call for Papers: ‘Museum Networks and Museum History’, Museums and Galleries History Group

The Museums and Galleries History Group (MGHG) currently have a Call for Papers for their upcoming Biennial conference, ‘Museum Networks and Museum History’, which will take place at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew from 16th – 17th July 2020.

MGHG is an interdisciplinary and international group that aims to provide a platform for debate and contact for those who seek to understand museums and galleries from historical and theoretical perspectives. For the upcoming conference this year, the event aims to examine the role of networks in understanding the history of museums and collections.

The current Call for Papers welcomes proposals that consider the role of networks, the use of networks of various sorts as tools of analysis, or which engage with the methodological/theoretical issues raised by networks and/or the rejection of network approaches. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Networks of museum donors and makers

  • Networks and empire; networks and power

  • Professional networks and modern identities

  • Global and transnational networks

  • Networks and the role of indigenous knowledge

  • Affect and the role of materiality

  • Actor Network Theory and museum/collection history

  • Networks of museums, collections, people, objects

  • Museum practice and museum networks

  • The limits of networks as analytical tools

Formats of submissions may be individual papers, posters, or panels of 3 papers, and further details about the requirements and submission guidelines can be found on the MGHG webpage. The deadline for submitting proposals is 6th March 2020, and should be submitted to contact@mghg.info.