Upcoming Conference: ‘Human Remains. Ethics, Conservation, Display’, Museo Egizio Turin

An upcoming conference on 30th September – 1st October 2019 will take place at the On 30 September and 1 October 2019┬áthe Museo Egizio in Turin on the topic: ‘Human Remains. Ethics, Conservation, Display’.

Following on from a larger international conference which took place in Pompeii and Naples on human remains (and particularly on the study, conservation and display of human remains), this further event will address these issues but with a particular specialised focus on the mummified human remains held within the Museo Egizio’s ancient Egyptian collection.

The conference and study day intends to provide a platform to discuss the various issues in displaying human remains in an ethical and sensitive way, including discussion and analysis of several exhibition strategies found across different international institutions. The conference organisers have stressed that they are also eager to have professionals and students outside of the Egyptology discipline, for instance those interested in anthropology, biology, conservators, curators and others to both attend and contribute to the debate on the display of human remains.

With sections of the event dedicated to consideration of preservation, display and exhibition, as well as case studies from international collections, the conference includes talks from speakers based in Egypt and across the UK and Europe. Much of the discussion includes consideration of the ethical issues and will also provide an opportunity for reflection from participants on the arising issues from the conference.

Application forms to apply to attend the conference can be found on the website – there is a fee for attendees and a reduced rate for students.