Upcoming Conference: Micro-Aggressions, Philosophy and Academia

An upcoming conference on ‘Micro-Aggressions, Philosophy and Academia’ is taking place on 4th July 2019 at theĀ Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office, Belgium.

The one day event aims to discuss the nature of micro-aggressions and how they occur within a classroom context and more widely in academia, and explore associated themes of socioeconomic status, disability, gender, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, and religion. The conference is aimed at both students and academics to find solutions to tackle micro-aggressions, share experiences and knowledge to encourage a further understanding of micro-aggressions and how they occur within arts subjects, and broadly within the academic sphere.

The day will include a workshop and panel discussion. Further information, and how to book a place, can be found on the conference Eventbrite page.