Upcoming Event: Arts and Science Festival 2019-2020

This year’s Arts and Science Festival is an exciting event that features the University of Birmingham’s new Green Heart campus, and showcases its beautiful design!

From 7th June through to May 2020, the programme includes four seasonal themes:
Change (autumn);
Illumination (winter)
and Hope (spring).

Events will be hosted by a wide range of people across the campus and in the city of Birmingham, from conceptual ideas relating to the Green Heart to the designers, artists and museum professionals involved in various projects. The festival includes a number of events and exhibitions, and the key focus for the upcoming Celebration summer theme is on the Arts and Science sculpture commission.

This is a brand new public sculpture commission that will be placed in the University’s new expanded campus in 2020. Four artists have been selected as finalists to produce scale models of their ideas for the sculpture, and these will be exhibited in an outdoor display case in the Green Heart. The finalists will be delivering events as part of the Arts & Science programme, providing interviews and preparatory works (e.g. sketches, smaller models) that are exhibited in the Rotunda Gallery, Aston Webb. This festival is a great opportunity to have a browse through their works and learn more about the finalists!

To see the range of events taking place, beginning this weekend (8th – 9th June), have a browse of the website and come along to the campus! It’s sure to be a fantastic festival.