Upcoming Event: “Emotion in the Museum”, University of York

An upcoming two-day conference at the University of York, ‘Emotion in the Museum’, aims to consider the (changing) role of emotion within the museum space as experienced by museum visitors and beyond, including what kinds of emotions could or should be represented — and evoked — by engaging with history. Held at the University of York between 13th – 14th March 2020, further questions explored within the event include how should emotional experiences be facilitated in museum and heritage spaces, and to what ends, and research relating to activism within the museum sector also considers how emotion may be experienced in the museum particularly in relation to other considerations such as race, class, gender and sexuality and (dis)ability. The event also intends to facilitate discussion on emotional well-being of museum professionals

The conference is a collaboration between the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past (IPUP) within the University of York, and York Museums Trust that is open to any within academia and the heritage sector. Keynote speakers for the event as advertised thus far include Professor Laurajane Smith (Australian National University) and Dr Bernadette Lynch (University College London), and further speakers and the full programme for the event will be available shortly.