Upcoming Event: ‘Fear in Ancient Culture’ conference, University of Reading

The University of Reading’s Classics department will be hosting the 15th Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature (AMPAL) this year, with the theme ‘Fear in Ancient Culture’. This includes presentations on fear from literary or interdisciplinary approaches, and will discuss definitions and causes of fear, the role of language in the creation of a fearful or fear-free context, and how fear is a powerful motivator and emotion within ancient culture.

In addition to keynote speakers and student presentations, this event also includes a tour of the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, and an opportunity to view two temporary displays, one from the British Museum’s ‘Spotlight loan’ on the theme of ‘Helen and Achilles: beauty, heroism & the fall of Troy’, and an inaugural student exhibit, ‘Fear Beyond Words’.

The event is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in any relevant discipline, as well as to the general public. While further details on the keynote speech and programme are still to be announced, for further information about the event including how to register, you can visit the AMPAL 2020 website.