Upcoming Event: Future of the Exhibition: Digital, Sensorial, Immersive – 22nd May 2019

An exciting four-part series of talks are being delivered through Frieze Academy, a media and events company that produces a year-long programme of courses and talks relating to contemporary art and culture. The upcoming series considers the process of conceiving, creating and delivering large-scale exhibitions with a range of speakers from curatorial backgrounds as well as historians, designers and producers.

The next upcoming talk is entitled ‘Future of the Exhibition: Digital, Sensorial, Immersive’, and considers how the design of an exhibition evolves. This will incorporate discussion of digital technology, and how digital advancements can enable curators to engage and facilitate a wider audience, and potentially change the way that audiences engage with displays.

Bursaries are available to apply to attend this event. To sign up for the event, visit the Eventbrite page.

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