Upcoming Event: ‘New Voices Art and Text’ Conference & Call for Papers, University of Nottingham

An upcoming conference from the Association for Art History based in the University of Nottingham are currently seeking proposals for papers for their annual one-day conference event relating to postgraduate research in art, art history and visual culture. This year’s conference theme is ‘New Voices: Art and Text’, and considers interdisciplinary themes of art and text.

The organisers are looking for contributions from a wide range of postgraduate and doctoral researchers who are interested and engaged with research concerning art, art history and visual culture and text. With a deadline of 23rd August 2019, proposals of no more than 350 words (and an accompanying 150 word biography), topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Illustration and photography in print culture
  • Illuminated manuscripts, paleography, and book design
  • Comics, graphic novels, and visual narratives
  • Text and image in digital media, social media, and computer games
  • Text as an essential aspect of art production – art criticism, artist biographies, art theory and methodologies
  • Ekphrasis; art works as a subject of literature and literature as source material for art
  • Discontinuity and misinterpretation between word and image
  • Contested definitions (in theory and practice) and the institutional framework of art and text.
  • Text and power (the manipulation of text and image)
  • Symbols, semiotics, and semantics
  • Art historical writing as artistic practice
  • Font design and typographic art; uses of text as aesthetic phenomenon and visual material

The date of the conference is Wednesday 6th November 2019, and the event is open to all. Further details about how to submit a proposal for a paper and updates about the event can be found on the organiser’s website.

One particularly interesting question mentioned on the website relates to the display of art and text within museums and art galleries: ‘…how does the role of the curator as opposed to the maker effect the display and meaning making of a text-based piece?’

Thoughts on this are welcome, as are submissions to the New Voices conference on this theme!