Upcoming Event: Play/Pause Immersion|Dissonance Symposium

On May 22nd 2019, Play/Pause host their exciting second symposium: Immersion|Dissonance.

Play/Pause is a research group at University of Birmingham invested in broadening the academic consideration of videogame studies. After the success of their first symposium on Play, Procedure, and Procedurality, and their long running seminar series, Play/Pause return with their biggest academic event yet. Immersion|Dissonance engages with how immersion is viewed in various facets of contemporary culture, and the benefits of engaging with this term from a multidisciplinary perspective. The symposium hosts live demos and talks about sonic immersion, genderqueer bodies, and identity performance in games. It will conclude with a keynote from Verity McIntosh, a Senior Lecturer from UWE in Bristol. Verity has an established reputation as a creative producer and is a founding member of Bristol VR Lab. She is an advocate for interdisciplinary storytelling that bridges physical and virtual worlds, and argues for a more considered and inclusive approach to audience care in VR experiences.

The event will take place in Room G07, University House at the University of Birmingham, and will run from 10am-6pm. More information about the symposium’s scheduling and speakers can be found on the Play/Pause website. Their Twitter feed will have live updates from the talks on the day.

If you would like to find out more information about Play/Pause and its excellent team of organisers, please visit their website.