Upcoming Talk: ‘Doing up the House’, Selly Manor

Selly Manor has an upcoming talk on 4th July 2019 relating to the domestic lives of Tudor and Stuart England. Led by Dr Tara Hamling from the University of Birmingham and Professor Catherine Richardson from the University of Kent, both specialists in material culture from the 16th and 17th century, they will be talking through the different meanings of various objects bought for the home.

The talk will also open with a look at highlights of the Laurence Cadbury Collection at Selly Manor from Museum Manager Daniel Callicott, and attendees will get the chance to have a private view of Selly Manor either before or after the talk. The talk costs just £5 to attend, and includes complimentary tea and coffee. For further information and to book a place, contact Selly Manor via telephone (0121 472 0199) or email (sellymanor@bvt.org.uk)

For further information about future events taking place at Selly Manor, visit their website.